Git hosting

A Simple Git Hosting Service Like It Should Be

Why choosing MicroGit when it is released?

We are developers tired of those big git hosting services making their services either messy or trying to expand on things that are not necessary. We don't need built-in CI or deployments or support for built-in Kubernetes. It already exists services doing that better.

So this service is meant to focus on the three things that make git amazing, the git repo, issues and pull requests. The rest can other providers do with integration to Microgit with an API. Let's let them do what they are best on and not clutter our service more than necessary.

Will also not be based in the USA to give you full ownership of your code. We will focus on privacy and will not do telemetry.

Git Hosting

We will host an unlimited repositories for a fast monthly price, private or public for open source or commercial.


Have private or public issues, with labels, assignee and more.

Pull Request

Public or private pull requests for intern or open source projects. Like it should be - no tracking.


We will not do any telemetry and will only use necessary third party service like payment gateway, email provider and simple analytics.

No tracking

We won't use any data to track you for purpose of ads or using it any way. You should be able to trust us.

Build upon

We will support integrations with an API so we will let others do what they do best, from CI to bots - And let us do what we do best. Simple micro git hosting.

6€ / user / mo

The simple plan ever

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MicroGit?

Microgit is a simple git hosting with a focus on doing less but doing those best. That means git hosting, pull requests and issues. We feel that other git hosting services move to build everything in one service is maybe not a perfect solution for everyone, and it gets messy, complicated and hard to understand. MicroGit will be simple, clean and focus on git hosting only.

Where will the servers be located?

We are looking for ways of setting it up, and looking for European companies in email providers, cloud/dedicated hosting and more. We will not have any data in the USA or Australia. If I found it hard not to use an american company, I will at least host everything on European soil. This is something many other code hosting services don't do, and we feel we have to do this, making it correct from a privacy perspective.

Will you follow GDPR and other privacy laws?

of course, we will support that from start and plan to be fully European driven git host. We will also support the Californian Privacy law for those americans willing to use us.

How much will it cost?

We are not sure yet. We plan to have ~6-7 Euro per month and user and have some type of teams for business, but will just be paid by user per month.

Will you offer discount or sponsorship to open source or privacy focused projects?

We are big Brokep fans and will sponsor privacy focused projects if they are for good use for more than small amount of people (>100) - if that is true, email us when we have released microgit and we will give you an unlimited plan after checking your project out.

When will Microgit be released?

We have just been started the project and therefore have no idea when it can be released. Join the waiting list and we will invite you to a beta in the near future.